OFD Foods Selects New Director of Finance

180one recently partnered with OFD Foods to conduct a search for a new Director of Finance. Stay tuned for details!

About the Company

undefined Founded in 1963, Oregon Freeze Dry Foods (“OFD”) is the world’s technological leader in freeze-drying and the largest independent freeze-dryer in North America. The Company freeze-dries a broad variety of products, some with highly technical specifications, including foods, pharmaceutical ingredients, specialty chemicals, medical devices, cultured organisms and other sensitive biological materials.  OFD’s food ingredients are key components in the products of some of America’s largest food brands. The Company undefinedalso has its own brands – Mountain House® continues to be a favorite among backpackers and campers, as well as for the home food storage market, and easymeal® is in its early stages in the food service and institutional food storage markets. Finally, OFD is one of the largest military food suppliers, supplying our troops around the world with wholesome meals since the late 1960s.

OFD is headquartered in Albany, Oregon, approximately one hour south of Portland. There, the Company has three manufacturing facilities on a 35-acre industrial site and more than 500 employees. OFD has more than 20 million kilograms of drying capacity at its three Oregon plants, including a plant addition in Rochester, NY at the end of 2018, representing about 70% of North American Capacity.

OFD is owned by Endeavour Capital and the OFD CEO, in partnership with OFD’s management team.  Endeavour has been successfully investing in middle-market companies for over 25 years. It believes in low leverage to support growth, a long-term time horizon, and leaving a company in better condition than when it arrived.  Endeavour and the management team have a vision for continuing OFD’s substantial growth and diversification.