Herb Pharm Selects Director of Information Technology

180one recently partnered with Herb Pharm, an Oregon company that hand-harvests herbs at their peak potency, and within minutes delivers them fresh to the manufacturing facility for prompt extraction, to conduct a search for a Director of IT. Details of this successful search are on the way!

About the Company

Herb Pharm was established in March of 1979 in a pristine mountain valley in Williams, OR. From the beginning, their mission has been unwavering:

“We are committed to providing the highest quality herbal products possible, educating people on the safe and effective use of medicinal herbs and inspiring a love for plants and respect for nature.”

Back in the early days, Herb Pharm’s “lab” was the home of Ed Smith and Sara Katz, the company’s founders and owners. They wanted to establish themselves as the alternative to the rather poor-quality and limited array of medicinal herb products available. Ed and Sara spoke constantly and emphatically of the importance of using organic, high-quality herbs as opposed to the over-dried plant fiber that the few existing companies were using in their products.

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