PacStar Selects New Chief Financial Officer

180one recently partnered with PacStar, a fast paced, high performance technology organization here in Portland, OR, to conduct a search for a Chief Financial Officer. Details coming soon!

About the Company

PacStar is a fast paced, high performance technology organization that has built its reputation and success on delivering quality products, outstanding customer service, teamwork, ethical dealing, respect for others, and meeting commitments.

Founded in 2000, PacStar provides advanced, Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS)-based tactical communications small form factor hardware, software, and integrated solutions that address critical U.S. DoD needs for mobility, ease of use, and security. The company’s patented IQ-Core® Software and hardware technology and integration/installation services provide secure, command, control and communications systems – particularly in remote or infrastructure starved areas. In addition, PacStar’s unified and tactical network communications systems are ideally suited for commercial sector organizations with mission-critical, complex communications requirements.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, PacStar with its 90+ and growing employee base performs the product and software development, and assembly of finished products.  In 2018, Endeavour Capital, made a significant investment into PacStar based on its experienced and committed management team, its strategic position in its industry, and the positive trends that will drive accelerated growth.

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