Kinco Selects New Director of Operations

180one recently partnered with Kinco to conduct a search for a Director of Operations. Check back soon for the details!


In 1975, at the age of 26, Bruce Kindler recognized that there was a demand for high quality welding gloves. He borrowed money from friends and family, and created Kinco International, selling gloves to welding and industrial supply stores on the West Coast.

Although in the beginning his resources were limited, his ideas, ambition, and perseverance were unbounded. He quickly established close lifetime relationships with Asian manufacturers and immersed himself in their culture. Many of these relationships still exist today yet have moved beyond business relationships into close family friendships.

Bruce’s son, Travis, has always been involved in the family business. He began hang-tagging gloves at the age of ten, and by twenty-one, was interning with Kinco just after college. He then purchased the company from his parents in 2003.

Since 2004, Travis has utilized a national sales force to expand the business from primarily industrial supply, to having a significant presence in the retail market.

Over the years, Kinco’s sales, product line, customer base, staff, warehouse, and office space have all continued to grow at a rapid rate because of the values, ambition, personal relationships, and entrepreneurial spirit Bruce instilled in the company at its foundation and that Travis has continued to expand upon.

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