New Opportunity: Director of Sustainability at Vontier

About the Company:

Vontier is a global company focused on transportation and mobility. Our portfolio includes industry-leading expertise in smart cities, mobility infrastructure, retail and commercial fueling, fleet management, and vehicle maintenance and repair. These innovative companies are leading the way to smarter transportation for a growing, connected world.

With more people on the planet, rapid urbanization, and increasing vehicle traffic on our roads, it’s time to pave the way for the evolution of transportation. Future cities are smarter cities, and they need infrastructure and tools for advanced mobility, reliability, safety, efficiency, and quality of life. Vontier is ready to build that future.

The Vontier team is committed to bringing out the best in each other. As diverse individuals, we are fueled by our desire to learn and continuously improve. As a team, we solve problems and achieve breakthroughs that couldn’t be accomplished alone. We relish the opportunity to work with and learn from the brightest minds in a wide array of specialties. Our technologies touch real people, every day, and make the world a better place.

About the Role:

We are looking for a Director of Sustainability who has experience in designing and leading corporate environmental sustainability efforts and who can also act as a key participant in our overall Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies and efforts.

In this role you will lead the development and execution of a broad-based, company-wide strategic sustainability initiative and collaborate with other leaders of ESG efforts across Vontier to embed sustainability into Vontier’s ESG culture.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Building on our existing initiatives, lead the effort to create a sustainability vision for Vontier that reflects our Purpose and Values.  Lead the development of a high-level strategy to support that vision.
  • Assess the organization’s current sustainability performance and identify and prioritize key sustainability issues for our operating companies.  Collaborate with our operating companies and functions to develop a coordinated sustainability plan.
  • Lead our efforts, in collaboration with OpCos and functions, on public sustainability disclosures including corporate social responsibility public disclosures,  and CDP.  Provide advice and guidance on participation in sustainability-related initiatives globally.
  • Design and implement process for operating companies to receive corporate assistance in sustainability projects that help Vontier achieve its stated carbon emissions reduction goal.
  • Assist in approving project proposals, considering factors such as cost effectiveness, technical feasibility, and integration with other initiatives.
  • Serve as the internal leader and “go to” expert for sustainability, monitoring emerging trends, programs and issues, and communicating and educating others on sustainability topics.
  • Serve as a member of Vontier’s ESG Steering Committee to help guide ESG strategies and efforts across the organization.
  • Serve as a key point of contact for interfaces with stakeholders on the topic of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, including investors, employees, customers and others.
  • Manage ESG ratings from external organizations.
  • Foster a culture of sustainability through ongoing organizational communications and education.
  • Create and implement communication strategies to publicize the company’s sustainability efforts and promote broad awareness of sustainability initiatives, both internally and externally.
  • Offer expertise and provide leadership-level support for initiatives to reduce company-wide resource consumption and waste generation.
  • Build effective partnerships with external organizations to support sustainability efforts.
  • Conduct sustainability-related risk assessments.

Education & Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field.
  • 8+ years’ experience in sustainability, business strategy, business and human rights, or other relevant work at the intersection of business, society and the environment.

Ready to Apply?

180one is a retained search firm and has been engaged by Vontier to manage this search. If interested in learning more about the opportunity, please contact Matt Oltmann at 180one.

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