Pelton Shepherd Selects New VP of Human Resources

180one recently partnered with Pelton Shepherd, producer of ice refrigerate and gel refrigerate packs for the commercial cold chain packaging and healthcare industries, to search for a Human Resources Leader. Details coming soon!

About the Company

Jack Shepherd invented “The Third Ice Known to Mankind” in 1950. This farm boy from Montana, with little formal education, had a vision of a “gel ice refrigerant” that could be used as a substitute for water ice and dry ice. He visited a renowned educational institution on the west coast and spoke with the chemical professors, shared his idea with them and was told that what he wanted to do was impossible. Jack forged forward with determination and self-educated himself in the basics of Chemistry, set up his lab in the family kitchen and worked tirelessly for months to finally invent what would become the “Third Ice Known to Mankind”. Jack secured his first of many patents in 1954.

He worked with close friends and family members to develop his product which was trademarked “BLUE ICE®”, in the 1960’s. From there “BLUE ICE®” has become an almost generic term of “gel ice refrigerants” worldwide. Today the legacy of Jack Shepherd is carried on by the Shepherd family. We have never forgotten our roots of providing quality products and superior customer service. Pelton Shepherd Industries is now into the third generation of Shepherds and works diligently to be innovative and responsive to the growing need for refrigerants used in the shipping of perishables and therapeutic application to the body!

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