180one's Year in Review: 2020

Each year, 180one presents the Year in Review, sharing our insights about the Portland business landscape and recapping the work we did with our clients throughout the year. To explore what we saw in years’ past, check out the Year in Review section of The Water Cooler!

Who could’ve predicted 2020? Business plans were developed only to be thrown to the wayside as organizations navigated the ever moving challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic. 

We saw clients invest in new incremental positions based on new strategic plans, we helped clients recruit in geographies outside of the Pacific Northwest, we saw clients reconsidering how often employees need to be in the office, and we personally experienced a leap in adopting new technologies and ways of how we perform our jobs in this new environment.

Overall, it was quite a year, and 180one is truly grateful to have partnered with great clients in 2020 who trusted us with their critical hiring needs.

Take a look back at 2020 with us in our Year in Review.

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