How We Do It

Each organization is unique. We understand our clients have different business models, organizational structures, cultures and skill needs. So we use a top-down approach to ultimately determine the profile of the candidate needed to achieve the goals of the organization.

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An average search with 180one takes 75 days from kick-off to completion.

The Complete Search Solution

Rather than relying on the outdated “database” method, 180one executes a specific headhunting approach, tailored to our clients’ needs. We combine several key elements to identify and target the candidates with the right skills and experience to help our clients succeed. Learn more about our recruiting process below.




5-Step Recruiting


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Team Approach

Each search we conduct has a team comprised of a Senior Consultant, Search Consultant and Researcher.

Tailored Network

We build a vast, tailored network specific to our clients’ needs for each search. It's not about who we know; it's about who we are going to get to know.

Research Function

180one utilizes a dedicated function focused solely on researching target organizations and the candidates within those organizations for each search.

5-Step Recruiting Process

Assessment Tool

To evaluate candidates, we developed the Candidate Assessment Matrix (CAM), which outlines the characteristics a candidate must have to be successful in the role and drives the interview selection process.

Exclusive Bandwidth

At 180one, we are committed to conducting a limited number of active engagements with clients, allowing us to focus our efforts and give each search the attention it deserves.

See how our complete search solution has worked for our clients.

See the Facts

I’ve been impressed with 180one and their approach to working with us. They did a lot of pre-work, more than any other companies we’ve worked with. That made all the difference in finding the right team members. They were more than a recruiting firm; they were a strategic partner.
- Mike Fritz, CEO, DWFritz Automation

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