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Who is 180one?

As former leaders of a national recruiting firm and customers of recruiting services (that’s right, we’ve used recruiting firms, too), we know where traditional recruiting firms succeed and where they fail.

So in 2007 we set out to create a firm that provides value for our clients where they need it most – for hiring critical, senior-level management positions.

We built a team of experienced, hard-working professionals who truly enjoy getting to know our clients, their business and the candidates who are going to make an impact.

Greg Togni

My journey to 180one: CPA in a Big 6 (5,4) firm, then led 5 offices of a national recruiting firm

Alma mater: Villanova University--Let’s Go NOVA!

Favorite aspect of my job at 180one: The opportunity to constantly learn based on the variety of our clients and the breadth of positions we work on

Where is my favorite place to visit? Northern Italy to say “Ciao” to rest of the Togni family

First job: Haunted House Spook at The Enchanted Forest

What is my kryptonite? Gluten and an El Niño winter

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Christine Kennedy

My journey to 180one: Research analyst in the financial services industry, then division director at a national recruiting firm

Alma mater: Pacific Lutheran University--Go LUTES!

Favorite aspect of my job at 180one: Continual learning –;; We are fortunate to be able to learn about companies, positions and people every day.

First job: Paper route when I was 11

If I had 30 minutes of free time, how would I spend it? Having a dance party with my kids

Where is my favorite place to visit? San Diego - great food, beaches and weather, and it's an easy flight with two kids!

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Rochelle Fleischer

My journey to 180one: Staff Accountant at local CPA firm, manager at a global recruiting firm, then corporate recruiter for a financial services company

Alma mater: Oregon State University--Go Beavs!

Favorite aspect of my job at 180one: Introducing people to companies across all industries, sizes and cultures in the Portland area

First job: Picking marionberries for the summer at a friend's farm at age 15

Where is my favorite place to visit? Mt. Hood - when there is snow!

If I wasn't at my desk at 180one right now, where would I be? Either doing yoga or at the dog park with my doodle.

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Rebecca Aptaker

My journey to 180one: Spent 2 years working as a legal assistant/paralegal in San Francisco before relocating to Portland and joining the 180one team.

Alma mater: UC Santa Cruz--Go Slugs!

Favorite aspect of my job at 180one: Being constantly exposed to different industries, companies and individuals. It's fun to be learning new things at every moment.

What is on my bucket list? Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Where is my favorite place to visit? Anywhere that I can camp out! I love being outdoors.

Something not a lot of people know about me: I geek out over WW2 books, movies, shows, museums, you name it.

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Kim Barnes

My journey to 180one: Sr. Recruiter for local staffing agency, stayed home with my kiddos and recruited independently out-of-state before coming back to Portland.

Alma mater: Oregon State--Go Beavs!

Favorite aspect of my job at 180one: “The Match” –; The opportunity to work with executive-level candidates and A-player companies in the Portland area.

If I had 30 minutes of free time, how would I spend it? Going for a run and listening to a good podcast or playlist!

Where is my favorite place to visit? Lake Shasta! I don’t think there is anything better than being on the water and water skiing all day!

If I could learn to do anything, what would it be? Photography.

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Matt Oltmann

My journey to 180one: Recruiter for a National Recruiting firm. Senior Recruiter for two Global, publicly traded organizations.

Alma mater: Portland State University--Go Vikings!

Favorite aspect of my job at 180one: The opportunity to continually learn about, and influence, high performing businesses through the executive recruitment process.

First job: Window washer during summers in high school.

Where is my favorite place to visit? Anywhere I can be in, or on, the water.

If I was not at my desk right now, where would I be? Outside with my family.

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At 180one, being betterthandifferent is our business.

We learned that providing a better solution for our clients is more valuable than a different solution. Pulling a “180” is being different. Pulling a 180one is being betterthandifferent.

Meet us at the Water Cooler.

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Willamette Dental Welcomes New VP of Finance

180one congratulates Willamette Dental Group, the largest multi-specialty group dental practice in the Pacific Northwest, to conduct a search for a new Vice President of Finance. Keep reading for details!

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As Tillamook continues to invest in our people and products, we turn to 180one to add crucial new members to our management team. Our partnership with 180one is a key component in executing our long-term growth strategy.
- Patrick Criteser, President, Tillamook County Creamery Association

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